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High volatility pokies, also known as high variance pokies, are a thrilling category of online slot games that offer the potential for significant payouts but with less frequent wins. These pokies are characterized by their unpredictable and volatile nature, making them appealing to players who seek excitement, big wins, and are willing to take higher risks.

The main features of high volatility pokies

  1. Big Payouts: High volatility pokies have the potential to award massive payouts, often with multipliers or bonus rounds. This makes them attractive to players looking for substantial wins.
  2. Infrequent Wins: Compared to low volatility games, high volatility pokies have a lower hit frequency. Players may experience longer periods without wins, but when a win occurs, it is often substantial.
  3. High Risk: High volatility pokies carry a higher risk due to the potential for extended losing streaks. Players need to manage their bankroll effectively and be prepared for the possibility of playing sessions without significant wins.

Popular high volatility pokies titles in New Zealand

  • Dead or Alive II: Developed by NetEnt, Dead or Alive II offers a Wild West theme with high volatility gameplay, free spins, and multipliers.
  • Razor Shark: Created by Push Gaming, Razor Shark features an underwater adventure with high volatility gameplay, mystery stacks, and a thrilling bonus round.
  • Bonanza: Developed by Big Time Gaming, Bonanza is known for its Megaways mechanic and high volatility action, providing players with cascading reels, free spins, and increasing multipliers.

High volatility pokies provide an exhilarating and potentially rewarding gaming experience, attracting players who enjoy the adrenaline rush and the chance to win significant payouts. While the wins may be less frequent, the anticipation and potential for substantial rewards make these pokies a thrilling choice for those seeking high-risk, high-reward gameplay. It’s important to approach high volatility pokies with a proper bankroll management strategy and a willingness to embrace the unpredictability of the game.